Love Eater

by BlastBeat

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This song took me a couple months to get just right. This one is different from a lot of my songs because I actually made the instrumental to this one. It is totally 100% me and I couldn't be more proud of it. This is my Mona Lisa, my David, my Kraft Mac & Cheese!

A little about the song: It's one of my more personal songs. It's a summary of a couple of my relationships and how I felt used and would just let it happen because I felt so in love. And those would end and I'd move on and start all over again with someone else. And I eventually realized that I was taking advantage of these girls just as much as they were me...
Anyways, I hope you enjoy!


You kicked down the door to my life and let yourself inside
Made yourself at home but it's alright by me
'Cause it's cold outside but it's warm next to me
Won't you please just rest your head beside me

But instead you set the walls on fire (on fire)
The world I built for you expired (expired)

You ran away with tears in your eyes, I despised what you did
But I wasn't surprised, I tried to undo all the damage you did but instead
I fell again right into your bed

I followed you into bed
Like I wouldn't follow you anywhere?
Your body's like a piece of art but my God, I can't just stare
There's so many reasons why this shouldn't work
But I don't give a damn, this how I want to live my life tortured by you
There's so many reasons
Oh there's so many reasons

Insanity's scared of me
Can it be?
Love has caused vanity
Please tell me where is the girl that took care of me so many times
There's nothing left but lies
I really wanna find that magic remote
I'll just sit back and relax
But your hand's on my throat
You won't let me go
So the snow builds up so fast
I do not know which way is what til your eyes light up
I'm lost in your thoughts and when the sky opens up I know that you're the cause

We're so lost
We're so lost

The world was on our shoulders
That's the thing they never told us
When there's no one left to hold us
We're just scrolling through the folders
Looking back at our past
Wondering why it never lasts
In fact, there is nothing holding us back
We're fast to accept there's something we lack
But the thing about that is we are both mad if you find the person you need then you must act fast

Where's the place we loved (we loved) for so long (where's the place that we loved for so long)
There's no way we can be ( there's no way we can be) what we used to be
But there's still hope, we can be so much more (oh so much more)
Won't you wait for me
Won't you wait for me


released August 30, 2014



all rights reserved


BlastBeat Oklahoma

Just a broke kid tryna afford rent on the way to his dream.

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